Then on that day shall the darkness envelop us all
We shall all be powerless to stop the onslaught
Then shall fear, bitterness, anger, envy, terror,
Lust, rage, jealousy, and hatred enter our bodies

We shall all develop a sadistic nature, and all shall be exceeding pleased.
Inflicting pain and suffering upon others shall be our goal in life
Never shall a second go by when we are not devising means of exacting torture.

And what of our souls, you may say?
We have no souls.
We are living in a world when to have a soul is to be weak,
Yes, that day is upon us now.

We all have a dark side, which we like to repress,
But now and then it takes over, there is nothing we can do to stop it.

And why do we even try?
It is human nature to want to kill.

We should give ourselves over to our dark side,
Forget common decency; let our urges reign over what shall be.
We shall do a lot better for ourselves, you see.

Sheer lack of sympathy for others means that the weak and frail shall die,
As was intended.
Only the strong healthy individuals shall live on to benefit,
As was intended.
We all strive to reach our goals, but now we shall go to any measures to get them,
As was intended.
None shall oppose us; all who do shall be crushed,
As was intended.

Is it really so bad, we must stop and ask ourselves?
For deep down inside us, we all know, that we are Children Of Darkness,
And we long for these things to come to pass.

We were born in darkness,
We shall live in darkness,
And we shall die in darkness.

All hail the glorious Prince of Darkness,
Coming forth to claim his rightful throne,
His kingdom is now established
And it shall reign mightily forever more.

By Child_Of_Darkness

Life is the only condition with a 100% mortality rate, so let some darkness into your life.