There is a darkness
Within us all.
A darkside that we can release.
Unlike the side we show,
Mercy it does not much know.
The urge to set the darkness free
Is strong for many, including you and me.
It overwhelms our goodside,
Taunting it of its megar power,
And bragging of the awesome might
It has to overcome the light.
The darkness woes our goodness with
Much power, strenght, and might
That sometimes it is too much to bear.
Our goodside succumbs to it
Unleashing out into the world
A creature that craves fear and desturction
Not of its own, but of others,
So that who or what crosses its path
May also be overcome by the darkness.

By DemonAngel

I'm a 16 year old wiccan witch that doesn't take crap from anybody. But don't worry. I don't bite (often). ;)