Darkness Calling

Darkness calling, ranting raving
Flowing blood I have been craving
Soul’s afire, burning, screaming
Figure out life’s endless meaning

Cut, must cut, must ease the pain
Love and hatred must be drained
Feel it flowing, running, endless,
Founts of gleaming bloody redness

Scarred for life my soul not healing
Even good times, hidden meanings
Looking for, confused, remember
Nothings clear, not dismember

Leave the person, let it go
Let the human blood not flow
Stop the anger, fear and killing
Let the person go on living

Thought control, mindless rabbits
Thoughtless, mindless working habits
Stand in line, conform, the norm

Considered odd, but not a clone
My idea’s are all my own
Not some mindless, thoughtless number
Fighting nothing more than hunger


I am a 25 year old male with an interest in Martial Arts. I have been an instructor for almost a year in the traditional Chinese martial art of Shaolin. I write poetry as another means to try and keep myself more or less sane