darkness comes

The hole within the mind
You’ll know them when you hear them
The key beyond the dark
The doorway to the light

Evil that has slumbered for countless eons
Now awakens
Breaks free
Spreads out across the cosmos
Creeps between the cracks in hyper-space
Weaving dark patterns into galactic society
Raising empires to bring them crashing down
Consuming, swallowing planets until there is only rubble

Dark matter bludgeoning faith
Its the death hour, hatred salivates
Splintering races, nations, families
Friends are foes, foes are enemies
Night terrors become blackholed madness
Threads of the web strangling the galaxy

Darkness comes once more
Twisting pulling countless strings
Wearing the face of the smiling salesman
Selling glory, victory to the prey that is blind
Opening doors, welcoming misery
Chaos, destruction for the rest of eternity
The shadow of the spider is rising again

By ragnarokbard

I am and my not anyone else, though I wonder sometimes.