Darkness Falls

Darkness falls behind me; the faster I run, the faster it follows. I hear through the distance screams of death. Children covered in darkness are screaming in pain. Blood is everywhare. I see everyone around me is dying.

The sun doesn’t shine today. There are thick clouds covering the sun, grey in the sky and red on the ground. Death is surrounding me; I can’t escape, yet somehow I am still alive surrounded by the cold, chill of darkness and taint stench of dead bodies. The look of childen’s pale and cold bodies, white eyes, dark red bladder pooring out onto the black pavement.

The few that are still alive scream like a candle burst in flame, blood curdling screams that are put out with a faint ghasp, followed by a pool of blood. I am scared. I feel cornered. Every direction I go, there is blood, dead people looking at me with their pail eyes.

I sit down with my head in my hands, waiting for the moment, waiting for the darkness to slit my chest open. At least half an hour has past, yet I have not died. I stand up in confidence. Complete silence is in the air. I suddenly know that …

… I am the darkness