Darkness Overcomes

I can feel the pain
It overtakes
My soul, it bleeds
As my heart breaks

My heart cries immense tears
From anguish and tortured love
Shadows steal the light from my life
And the angels that watch from above

My very bones are crumbling
And there’s nothing I can do
My world is caving in on me
My life has come unglued

So as the darkness takes its reign
I’ll capture the last bit of light
And keep it in my wounded heart
To help me through the night

By Audrienna

I write, I sing, I dance, I act. That is my life. Often I feel very alone and much of that comes out in my writing. You'll probably notice that. Sometimes I feel like I have nobody, not even myself. That's when I write the best. So most of my stuff will probably be depressing and melodramatic. But deal with it...it's just how I am.