Darkness v2.0

Welcome to the new Darkness.

Changes have been made. I’ve been working hard for several hours writing all the new code and moving data from the old format to this new format. All members have been moved, you just need to login again. All stories and comments have been moved. The story queue will be moved soon and the submission form will be reopened.

Be patient with the change. Let me know what you think. Let me know if you find any bugs. Let me know what you’d like to see. If I’ve overlooked anything, remind me.

By Sire

I'm nude, want to see?


  1. Looks good! Can I delete my old LunaSidhe account? The only thing I’d recommend is to add a check so that if you’re logged in, you don’t see the login link or the register link and if you’re logged out, you don’t see the logout link. 🙂

  2. Yeah, i tried logging in the other day, but didn’t work. Works now though.

    Lookin good my friend, lookin good.

  3. Needs a link direct to darksites email on the main page tho, other than that all looks good.

  4. Thanks for the compliments and suggestions. If you have more than one account and need one removed, just send me an email or icq about it.

    I made the change so that if you’re not logged in you see:

    If you’re already logged in you see:

  5. I think it will take a bit of getting used to. I really liked the old set up, this is a bit confusing. but like i said, it will take a bit of getting used to.


  6. Well, I’m a noob here (registered an account a while ago but never really used it) but I must say I like the look. Smooth and neat, and nicely dark rather than pretentious. Bravo 😉

  7. I like it Except i tried to login with my old name after i got you e-mail and the login thing wouldn’t let me type my whole user name so i had to register with a new name and e-mail. but what must be done must be done 🙂 like the new look byes

  8. I like it Except i tried to login with my old name after i got you e-mail and the login thing wouldn’t let me type my whole user name so i had to register with a new name and e-mail. but what must be done must be done 🙂 like the new look

  9. i think that you should have a spell/grammar check on this web site cuz people really suck when it comes to shit like that

  10. I wouldn’t put it quite in those words, but a spelling and grammar check would indeed be nice… I’m sure that a chunk of relevant code could be found somewhere on this chaotic mass of tangled threads we like to call the internet.

  11. Oh and in the profile can you please put back the latest submissions?

  12. This look is better though…never really liked that dark red…sorry for posting so many times…my thoughts come in waves…

  13. But I need both of my accounts…one for each personality….just kidding….I’d ask you to dump nevarsong, If I could remember your email….yes I’m having an extreemly blond moment.

    Just stumbled across “afternoon at sires house”….

    Don’t know how I missed it the first time, but I laughed my @– off. Although I would have used eyeliner, not lip stick.


  14. hmm…just thought about it…why not have the pic option back in the profiles?
    Although I’d have to have mr g post it for me so I wouldn’t blow up the comp again.


  15. Hi i’m just wondering where all of my submissions have gone?? Like all the ones that were posted and all the ones waiting to be submittied. What Happened to them?

  16. yeah i submitted a story and i haven’t gotten any word of where it went. what’s up with that?

  17. Hey Sire. I posted something in April and it still isn’t up yet. Just wondering what’s going on. Also it won’t let me submit anything, why is that?


  18. It might be awhile before the old submissions get restored. Those that were submitted before the necessary change was made.

    As far as new submits go, if you can post a comment.. you should be able to submit too. It just requires that you’ve registered and logged in.

    Note: Not all submissions are accepted/posted. Read the Submit Page for guidelines.

  19. that doesn’t answer my question. i submitted a story after the changes were made. when and where is it gonna go up?

  20. nevermind my post is up. sorry to bitch so much. but i wasn’t informed if it was up or not

  21. It takes a lot of time to read hundreds of submissions. Not every submission makes it but I’m trying to keep up as best I can.

  22. im glad im not in ur postition then cuz i think id get frustrated or tired of reading….but i do like the new look and uve done a great job….i like my new sn better anyways….lata

  23. i like the new look….its nice….kinda wish the long in thing would allow 2 more letters though…but thats ok cuz i think i like this sn better….great stuff…lata and have fun doing whatever

  24. I’d love to be in his possition. I don’t know how selective Sire is, but I hope I make it in.
    I’m new here as well and I sent something to be posted that I especially like. Don’t crush my frail and pitiful little dreams, Sire!

  25. you’d probably have to say something really really dumb to be censored out because i’ve seen some idiot shit in this site. no offense

  26. SIRE! i need you to do something important for me; i don’t know your e-mail addy so i can’t tell you personally. but i need you to take off a story i wrote..can you do that?


  27. Hey….I’m pretty new to the site but I love it. I posted some stuff that hasn’t shown up yet…..But the only one I care about being posted is the latest one….”Why I Used To Cut”…or something like that. I’ve got bad memory. I like to write and lots of stuff that i write may be shitty and none of my friends like to read anything I’m proud of cause “it’s so depressing”. Hey….have you thought of a way that people can submit ARTWORK??? That’d be reeeally neat! Oh…and I’m with ogre man on the grammar/spellcheck thing.
    Anyway…this is just an awesome site. KUDOS!

  28. uh this maybe a stupid question but when is the site gonna get updated ive posted about three times and this Darksites v2.0 is still up (no offence sire) so when are the new posts gonna be put up? ps: if you need an extra hand just ask.

  29. just a couple of things minor really.1 i think Sire deserves Much KUDOS and praise for all his work and 2, do you have any more darksite stickers?

  30. I was wondering that too but I don’t sweat it. Sire must be overwhelmed with posts…..The submission guidelines…doesn’t it say that it takes a few days for posts to appear when it should be weeks? Anyhow, I’ve got endless patience when it comes to certain things. (I’m glad this is one of them)

  31. I’ve searched everywhere for my VERY FIRST POST and i can’t seem to find it anywhere… Also i’ve posted only ONCE yet my profile registers THREE(3). Why is that? I’m just disappointed that’s all. I really want to see my post. Another thing, do you inform the writer if his article doesn’t get posted?

    Forgive my ignorance…i’ve been an avid reader, but ’tis only now that i have decided to join.

    THANX Mr. Sire!

  32. i’ve posted twice but was never informed of when they went up so i had to find them myself

  33. It needs to be able to let me see comments on my old poems and stories. but other than that it looks good

  34. is it just me or has this site stopped work? no recent posts are coming through and no one seems to be able to submit… whats going on??

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