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By Sire

I'm nude, want to see?


  1. ::groans:: Sorry. I rarely post here. I have been to darkness.com, and all I can say is…I hope the kids there either grow up or go away. They are the biggest group of flame starters…I posted a few times over there and the replies are never coherent, merely sticks and stones thrown, mostly about my name. ::rolls eyes:: Best of luck:)

  2. wow, all us kids feel so loved with our teen angst
    we now have lost another harmless playground

  3. Sorry again (I was the first comment here) I reread what I had written and it might be perceived that I have a problem with the younger posters. I don’t. In fact I think most of the younger posters on darksites.com are well-spoken, and they use proper grammar and spelling, and don’t type with all caps:) I only meant that most of the posts I have read at darkness.com are juvenile and hostile. Forgive please.

  4. “Tell me child… Do you regularly stick a turkey baster up your cunt to flush out the cheese-like fluids?”

    This was the response to one of my posts there. I will not visit there again lol.

  5. That’s what happens when you stoop to their childish level and let them get to you. Honestly, who cares what a bunch of no brain lamers have to say about you? I read 2 posts over there, it was enough to convince me not to bother with them.

    They’re children. Ill-behaved, ill-tempered, half-brained children, some of whom happen to be over the age of 21.

  6. A lapse in normally good judgement? I was abducted and wasn’t myself? I am ashamed to say I let them get to me.

  7. Well, they were trying REALLY hard to get to you too. You must have gotten to them too because they really put on a show, LOL

  8. heh yea…I think they need to get out of the house even more than I do…I saw some names with over 3000 posts;)

  9. Some of the (i hesitate to call those children people) people on Darkness need some time away from the computer. Perhaps they might acidentally turn off the life supprot and quit bothering the rest of us…

  10. Darkness..
    I have a website on Darksites it is a rather old site
    I do not remember what e-mail i used to get it at the time..
    But i still have the login and password to the site..
    The site is still up and running.. I have checked it..
    I wanted to log in into it and remove alot of graphic work i had done to it long time ago and either take it down and rebuild a new one of Dark Art.(Vampire Avatars) i created over the past few years and if possible get the name changed on the site or when i get all off there have you remove the site off the server then put it the new one on the server.

    Last time i had spoken to you i was having trouble getting my applets to run on the server

    I would like if possible if you could get in touch with me when you have the time since i know you are busy.

    You can e-mail me at my current e-mail address or icq me .



    Thank you.

  11. I really dislike this new system. I was an active member of the darkness.com site and I really enjoyed submitting my poetry there. This new merger is really difficult to keep up with and very time consuming. If you can explain to me how to get back to the old darkness.com site, please email me at DarkCelestial102384@msn.com. Thanks everyone if you can be of assistance.

  12. what about the poems submitted in darkness.com? and the stories?, i liked the old darkness.com, this is very complex, we have to login on darksites.com to see certain things and then we have to login on darkness.com too, i dislike it. The presentation of this page is not as simple and good as the other one and i don´t feel myself as a simple writter writting in a site, i feel this is too strange for what i expected from and about darkness.com; sometimes i don´t understand even where i am or what i am seeing in this page. And, finally, darkness.com seems to me smaller and farther than before.

  13. I agree w/ everyone else. This new darkness.com is really…retarded. It is way harder now…I don’t even know how to submit my poems. And I like getting feedback on my poems. This is way to complicated. PLZ go back to the old site. I used to be a regular there. Now it looks like I won’t even come here.

  14. i want to look at the peoms and stories i filed in darknesss.com how do i do this

  15. yA YOUR GITH HOW THE HELL DO YOU FIND THE POETRY ON THE FORMER DARKNESS.COM? I can’t figure out where to go its so confusing! we should all send the owner of this an email telling him to change it or we won’t come back— i know that I won’t

  16. I totally agree with everyone here!!!!!! I use to come to Darkness.com all the time and now I can’t even find it!!!!!!! If you know how to get to the old black and red that we all use to like please e-mail me at PiscisCancer101@aol.com

  17. I know you have things planned for Darkness.com, but so far, this is just a nightmare. I did manage to find the archived site, but only the original work remains, the comments are all gone. And will the archives remain online, or are they destined for the same obscurity our site has been sucked into? Can/should we repost our work here? I am very confused, but after days of mucking around this site, have finally run across other wandering lost souls in the same condition. About the only improvement I can see is that it will be harder for the terminally angry to lash out at complete strangers on a totally personal level…..or will it? I will return periodically to see what develops, perhaps it will improve…..it only can.

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