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More miscellaneous tidbits from Darksites members. This time about Anne Rice, werewolves, pussy-goths and new users!

Vimpre writes:
New member to darksites, lots to learn, get in touch.
Jake writes:
How come in your pussy-goth subculture, there’s no room for werewolves. They’re so concerened with being taken seriously, they casually dismiss all lycanthropes as childish; but when the subject of vampires comes up(an equally childish topic), they gab for hours about the seriousness of vampires. That makes me sick. thinking about it, i’d like to start an orgy of blood and violence the likes of witch middle america hasn’t seen in decades, all for the mighty Fenris’s honor.

e-mail me with your questions/complaints/whimpers/whines
Shock sends:
Extras Casting Database for the Warner Bros feature “Queen of the Damned”. Shooting will be in Melbourne from October 2, 2000.Warner Bros are spending $US30 million to make Ann Rice’s third vampire chronicle‘Queen of the Damned’ a reality.

Directed by Michael Ryner
The film is a demonic and sensuous rock ‘n’ roll world for dark fledglings, the true immortals and some lucky mere mortals.
Pale, thin, goodlooking, disturbing…
If you would like to be considered for extra work, go to http://www.screenfaces.com/qdhome.htm
Thats it! — Darksites

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