1. exactly what kind of coding knowlede will be needed to help run darksites???? i can do html javascript and a lttle c++ but as of right now i do not know perl or any of the like

  2. Hey, I just got a new e-mail addy at this site and the new layout is really cool. Very dark. I like.


  3. If you are interested in becoming an official Editor (There will be 4 or 5 chosen), you must first submit an article.

    Use the Submit News link in the Main Menu.

    At the end of October, one editor will be chosen and asked to submit news more often. As much as on a daily basis or every other day. Darksites has never tried very hard to make a profit, but it does manage to make a little extra after paying its bills. The editor chosen based on quality and quantity of News submissions, will own the top right button spot (to be added) above the Email box and will receive 1/2 of any profit Darksites receives. This will continue for as long as that person continues as editor-in-darkness.

  4. I’ll have to agree: love the facelift. The new Darksites looks great!

  5. I know there’s got to be a roll of toilet-paper around here somewhere? (Evil-Tool)

  6. this is a killer site. Darkness is where i go to get away for the goodytoshoe world
    and know its even darker 🙂


  7. Erm how do you create an article for every1 to comment on (god i sound so stupid *slaps forhead*)
    Yeah and i like the site its cool you can discuss alsorts even though half of it can be retarded but hey retardeds in at the mo (im soo labelistic gotta get otta that phase)

  8. I have been gone for way too long, I need to catch up on what’s happening. :*)

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