It doesn’t rhyme but oh well. My summer sux mad monkey ballz so I have nothing else to do but write and do nothing.

I want to fuckin kill you
To rip your heart out and
Throw it in your face
I want to see you covered in blood
From your head down your legs
Every inch is pain which there’s no escape
I hate living and now you will too
Your pleading me to stop this torture
But I’m so sorry, I can’t.
You deserve to die for what you’ve done to me
Look at me! You created me.
The creation kills the creator,
Isn’t that how it goes?
This is for a world of suffering
This is for all the torment you’ve caused me
Watch me now as I slit your throat
Feel the unbearable pain circulate through you
Now you know how it feels,
Now you know what it’s like being dead.