DeAD oN ThE STreeT….

It drips to the earth
In a harmonic beat
The swifter the drop
The louder the beat

Death spins around me
As I enter this deep sleep
Praying to god
For one final heart beat
Deserve this I do not
But its the price you must pay
For being yourself
On the streets, anyway
The cars roll past
Look at me they do not
Now lights are going blurry
I roll to look up
I take a deep breath
I pray to my God
For this to be it
The cease of my existence
But still I remain
So one last time
I pray to thy God
Only on this exhale
I am no longer alive…

PoEM By: -=)DarkTwiLighT(=-

By darktwilight

When darkness falls, and you cant find your way, let the TwiLighT lead you, or death you'll pay