Dead SEX

Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night touching your self, without knowing why, then after some days later, you realize you had a dream…

It was a summer night just like this one, waterless and warm wind roughly breaks when hitting my face. All I can think of is getting out of the house, I knew I was grounded for drinking again, but nevertheless I was curious of what’s happening next door, as the loud noises of people screaming, partying. My new neighbor, no, not new, I was just too careless to go and visit him when my parents did. He has been here since the early April. Gathering from the conversations my parents have about him, seems like he is not exactly NORMAL, and so are his friends, which might make him interesting than the rest of my neighborhood (overflowing with old people).

I stick my head out of the window, gazing at the lights from next door, suddenly I saw him. He was tall, with dark brown hair down to his wide and muscular shoulders, even though its night, I could clearly see his face as the half blocked shiver moonlight shined upon his pallid skin. He has a very dull fashion sense, as he was wearing an ordinary black, brownish sleeveless shirt, and just jeans down under, but there is something more to this man as I wonder, a sudden interested stroke me, I was curious of who he is, we might begin with…what’s your name? But I did not care.
As ponder in my own childish world, a woman in high heels walks towards him, almost cat walking. She is wearing a white see-through top, without a bra…her small black skirt almost doesn’t exist. She moves from left to right, I think she is drunk. She gently puts her left hand on his left shoulder; he did not turn, as if he knows she was coming. She leans on him, and then she rubs her face from left to right just like a cat. I watch closely with amusement behind my curtains, trying to cover my self from exposing. She continues to caress his body, and then suddenly he turns to her. He takes her by the waist and carries her to the nearest car, she smiles and she knows what is coming next. He puts her on top of a blue E240 Mercedes Benz car. He then looked at her one more time, his eyes shine, seems like he is not happy of what he is going to do to her, but she is not caring. She places her right hand on his face, and slowly pulls him near, he pushes away, the woman lays there confused. Maybe he doesn’t like to be controlled. She laughs and said, “don’t be afraid, you can have me…this might be the last time!” I wasn’t sure of what she meant. He looks back at her again with regret in his eyes, he kisses her roughly, his tough dancing with hers, I can feel it. I can’t sit still anymore, I want to see this so bad, and it is just another movie, I said, except this one is real.

The man starts touching her, through her shirt, her perky breasts exposes under the moonlight. As he continues touching her breasts, her nipples are hard. Clearly she is enjoying it, as she moans with joy. He is now kissing her neck, she looks up then closes her shining dark eyes, and she wets her lips with her pink long tough and bites her lower lip softly. At this moment I feel arouse, the feeling of wanting to touch my self. I look at them closely, he affectionately takes her shirt off, he rubs her legs up and down, and then he licks them. The man nips her nipples, and then rubs it from bottom to top. She moves her neck around and around he knows she likes it. The man takes off his shirt then bends down, he starts licking her tummy up and down, stops when he reaches the nipple, making the woman feel desperate for more. Finally he bites her nipple softly, and sucks it like a baby wanting milk from mammy. She starts touching him as well; she reaches down to his pants, reaching for his cock. He is erected, even though it’s hard to see from his hard jeans, I know he is. I can’t help it touching my self, suddenly a cold wind blows in from the out side, my nipples are hard, I touched them roughly, I wish I am down there with them. She pulls him up from the ground, trying to take his pants off, he is wearing no under pants, and right away I can see his black, long and stiff penis. I took a breath, trying to feel what is the like to be fucked right now. The woman takes her white silky thong off with her skirt on and throws it away wildly. She intended to change places with the man, he is now sitting on the car. She bends down on her knees, and starts licking his long, black penis. She sucks on it hard, up and down. Then she begins licking the tip of his penis, which aroused him more and more. Then she stopped, she wants some as well, they changed places again, she is now sitting down, her legs wide off, waiting for the entrance of his long cock, she pulls on his dick, then towards her, they start fucking. He moaned with a manly voice, despite the crazy partying music on the background, all I hear around me are they, the sound of joy, she groans and he fucks her hard and hard. Under the ghostly moon, they fuck with joy; she moans more, and saying words such as “FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARD YOU MOTHER FUCKER!” suddenly I can feel wetness down in my pants, I feel horny than ever. I want to be touched like them, I want to be kissed like them, and mostly I want to be fucked like them. I slowly while listening to them moan, touches my self, then reaching down into my pants, my underwear is now wet, I used my middle finger and pokes my clitoris violently, I moaned. Then I reached down more to my virgina, and then suddenly I couldn’t hear them anymore. I raise my head up to see them, clearly they have reached it. She looks exhausted and so does he, but there is sometime different about them now. I can’t seem to find out why. They both look bloodless; I reckon more than tired, I think they look dead. They smiled at each other, like they’d never see each other anymore, then a terrible cold wind blow roughly towards me and all around me, it forced me to close my eyes, then we I opened them seconds after, the man and the woman disappeared into the dark, completely vanished…I woke up, looked around, it was just a dream.