Dead Zone

The silence is deafening
So turn up the music
Does anyone care or know?
Do these scratches my pencil makes, make sense?

How can I ever describe to you
The emptiness I feel?
Not sorrow, nor pain, nor heartbreak
None of them pierce the darkness inside me

None of it matters anymore
None of it ever did
In death nothing is illuminated
There are no answers to the questions that torment me

Th silence is like the darkness
Empty, without feeling
Forever yearning for it’s opposite
Do you want my darkness?

Do you want this yearning?
Do you want to wake up every morning
Knowing that you only do it
Because it is required of you?

I wish it would stop
This emptiness inside me is almost to much to bare
Because this emptiness, and silence
Is worse than the darkness of Death

To never be touched again by a person you really trust
To be the “outsider”
To never truly understand what love is
To be forever alone, in the darkness, in the silence, in the hopelessness

No illumination
No enlightenment
Only the nothing taking hold of you
Until you don’t care anymore

When you go through the day because you have to
When you eat because you have to
When you talk because you have to
When the only reason you keep breathing is because it is required of you

Then you can compare me to you
Then we will be equal
Then you can say “I understand”
And I can say…”Welcome to my DEAD ZONE”

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By _Bloody_Rose_

Why does my life have to be this way? Why won't someone keep me safe? God I love my boyfriend but he just doesn't understand the pain inside me. I wish I had a boyfriend who understood and didn't look at my fresh cuts with a look of pity to then kiss them one by one as to make the hurt go away. Why won't someone tell me I'm not alone in feeling this way? Why won't someone give me a light so I can be guided home? Darkness, Dank, and Death consume me....Feeling Failing Falling Fading, ~Satania666~