Deadly Apologies VII

Well, here I am… at the gate of Lazareins’ Hell. Tashalyn lives at the lowest level of Vertris Dungeon. I will apologize, then feed and kill. After all, she won’t understand my explanation, and she will only hold me back, and I haven’t fed for a while, I will turn weak and then I will end up as prey. All these thoughts rush through Organto’s head.

Organto walks in through the open gates. Things have changed so much, since 872 years ago, but the dungeon always remains. I should ask for directions, I need to start meeting people, if I want to take over Vertris Dungeon, it has been in Tashalyns clan for eras… but now, it shall belong to me.
“Excuse me miss, but, may I stay in your place for the night, you see, I have been traveling all day. I will stay out of your way, and, I won’t be any trouble at all.” asks Organto. The stranger nods. Looks at him weirdly, and then says “Ah… so, you are homosexual? If I do this favor for you, will you do a favor for me? See, my roomate, he is quite depressed. He is as well, gay, and No one around here is. He has turned suicidal, and is in deperate need for a partner, could you please make him the happy companion he once was?” questions the stranger.
“Why, certainly, shall you show me to him?” states Organto. The stranger says on the walk home, “My name is Chelsey, you may stay as long as you need to. My roomates name is Toby. He is very generous, and I think he will like you very much. Ah ha, we are here.” Chelsey and Organto arrived at this place, a bit too outlandish to call a house.
“Interesting, quite unique, I like it.” comments Organto. They walk in, to find Toby with one eye mostly closed, and the other one shut completely tight, with his tounge hanging out. Organto questions worridly, “Is that Toby? Is he alright?” Chelsey chuckles and states “He gets like this, whenever he takes anti-depressents. He will be fine by morning.” “Good” Organto says so much more relieved.
“You can sleep in Toby’s room, there is another bed next to his, if you feel uncomfortable sleeping with him before you even got to know him. Do you mind dragging Toby to the room?” “Thank you, and No problem.” states Organto. When Organto goes to lift Toby up, he sees dried blood covering his arm, and cuts over cuts, seeming like they actually make up his arm. I should really clean this up, he is truly amazing. I would like to actually meet him in morning. Organto laid Toby on his bed, looking down at the bloody sheets.
I should go get a bucket of warm water to clean the crusted blood off his arms. Two minutes later, Toby is fully awake in bed, looking around, with a confused daze on his face. Organto walks in, and says, “Toby! You’re awake, I am Organto, let me help you clean this mess off your arm, and then I’ll properly introduce myself.” “Th…Thank you?” Toby said.
“Now this may hurt… but, it’ll get the dried blood off.” Organto strokes Toby’s arms with the wash cloth, the blood immediately starts to soften, and scrap off. A half hour later of getting all the blood off, Toby’s arms look cleaner then they have been for months.
“Your roomate, Chelsey, has told me about you. You seem enticing, and I would like to get to know you.” Toby starts to smile and says, “Really? You really want to get to know… me?” “You are attractive, and the cuts make you even more mystifying, and enticing, but please, it hurts me to know that you cut. I don’t want you to wish death upon yourself, and remember that you can’t die, you are a vampire. The only way you can die, is if you use the blade of Lazarein, and if you ever use it, I will be miserable, and quite sad. I barely know you, and I don’t want to loose you.”