Deadly Apologies VIII

Toby and Organto made direct eye contact, and there eyes dilated. “We should get some sleep, we can talk more tommorow. Thank you for cleaning me up… Organto.” “My pleasure, have a good sleep” Organto said.

It was seven O’ clock in the morning. “Let us let him do what he has to do, we should spend some time to ourselves while we have the chance, Organto can take care of him self, he know’s what he is doing, and if he intends to come back he will. He won’t forget you Averick, I know he won’t. If something happens, you will be one of the first vampires to find out.” Rykas calmly said to Averick. Averick sighed and said “I know… I know, you are right… we should go, and have fun, I know that Organto know’s what he is doing, he will be fine, and I know that we will both see him again. Eventually.”
Organto and Toby walk out of the room, and into the kitchen. “Organto, was the bed comfortable?” questioned Chelsey. Organto replied “I never slept better.” Chelsey smiled, and looked at Toby’s arm, and said “I suppose you two have already met. It seems like you two are really falling for eachother, Toby hasn’t smiled for more then a minute in a long time, and now he is.”
Toby went and hugged Chelsey, he whispered in her ear “Thank you, you know that I love you.” Chelsey’s eyes started to tear and stated “I am so happy for both of you, especially you Toby.” Chelsey dissapered, and then Organto and Toby looked at eachother, and wickedly smiled…