Deadly Love-Chapter One

I always loved him and I told him I’d love him always-life or death. And he loved me, too. Saying those exact same words. I knew I would always love him forever because many people would tell us, “you;re meant to be. You’re meant to be.” And I’d simply answer each time, “Forever.”

We’d always hold eachother when we were scared and he was always there for me whenever my parents fought and I was (ironically) placed in the middle. Fists sometimes flew between my parents and I hated it. They always hit me to make them feel better. They put me down and never got me help for my problems I had. A lot of times I’d sleep over his house just to get away for a few nights and they didn’t care.

I could fucking move out and they wouldn’t say a word. So I did and now I don’t have to worry about them. His name is Zeck and he’s the nicest guy ever. I love him. And I always will.

One night I remember us making out. He was so good at it! I love the way his toungue slipped into my mouth quickly and moved around making me moan and getting myself aroused. He rub my body and make me feel wanted and loved. I love the way his hands slide up my shirt and down my pants; teasing me.

But one night, something terrible happened. We were at a party and I was happy he didn’t drink. I don’t drink I can’t. It ruins my bladder. Sometimes i would have to drive home and I would.

But this time I was happy he hadn’t drank otherwise when we’d make out he’d be rough as hell and sometimes I liked it. But this night was so perfect. We were on our way home when………CRASH! We rolled a few times and landed up side down.

I opened my eyes after a few minutes and took a look around. Realizing I was up side down, I unhooked my seat belt and climbed down; sitting on the roof of the car which was now the floor. I looked over at Zeck. His head was bleeding severely and he wasn’t moving.

Please be unconscious, I thought. The windshield was in bits and pieces so I crawled out. An ambulence was already there and one of the paramedics quickly ran over.

“Please,” I said. “Help my boyfriend. He is all I have.”

“Yes, ma’am. Now calm down and go over to the truck. Everything will be fine.” she said.

I nodded and went over to the truck. The paramedics there checked me for any fractures, sprains, or broken bones. Then, they checked me for any glass that was stuck. There was a large piece in my left cheek and they pulled it out. It hurt like hell but afterword I was happier.

I got into the truck with them and drove off to the hospital with Zeck by my side. I held his hand so he didn’t feel alone. I remember once a while ago I had an accident with my father and he had punched me non-stop. I was knocked unconscious and Zeck had taken me to the hospital.

He said when I had woken up that he would stay by my side and hold my hand while I sleep so I wouldn’t get lost. It made me giggle which hurt because my jaw was put back into place but now, I was doing that in return. And I hoped he’d be ok. So I could hold him and say, “It’s over now. All over.”

But it didn’t happen. A few hours later, he died in the hospital of head injury. And the guy that was driving was out in jail for manslaughter. I sat there not believing the story the doctors told me. I just couldn’t. It wasn’t possible. But it was.

I ran to a close friend of mine’s house. When she opened the door she held me and said she knew what happened that it was all over the news. Great, I thought. Fucking publicity. So I sat there and cried in her arms for what felt liek eternity.

But I didn’t care. He was gone…forever…

By BuLiMiC

Hello, my name is LB.