Deadly Obsession

We worked on the top floor of a high rise office block. I had a boring job, sorting out files on the computer. Y’know the really shitty work. I had about 10 work-mates up there. Well I couldn’t really call them “mates.” There was this one woman though. Louise.

I looked at her adoringly. She had the most gorgeous long, black hair that flowed smoothly behind her when she glided across the office. When she turned round to talk to her colleagues, I noticed her shimmering green cat-like eyes, glistening from the small block of light seeping in from between the blinds. I knew she never noticed me. I was a nobody. The quiet one, pasty faced, not the greatest looker of the bunch, but that was me.
Every night Louise and her friends would go off to The Swan for a drink to de-stress themselves. I knew everything about her.
Living a couple of doors down from her was also a bonus, meaning I could see into her bedroom and watch her undress. Very arousing to say the least.
Anyway, this particular night, I left work as usual and set off in my car. I arrived in The Swan’s car park. I parked in my usual spot and trudged over to the doors. Through the frosted glass I could see. Beautiful Louise. I carefully nudged the door open, and wandered cautiously past her and her friends. They were all laughing, talking, having a good time. So I sat up at the bar, pulling a stool towards myself. I ordered a shot of vodka, slammed the money on the table and asked for more. I don’t know what gave me the sudden impulse to behave so aggresivley, but it sure wasn’t a good thing. As I downed 4 more shots, I felt a bit dizzy; I was a total lightweight. I looked over to my right, and saw Louise’s friends get up, and they all left. I realised that that was my chance.
So I slowly walked over, trying my very best to look cool, but I didn’t succeed. I sat down at the table where she was sitting all alone, finishing off her Baileys. I introduced myself and informed her that I worked with her. She didn’t know who I was. Then I told her that I also lived down the road from her, yet she STILL didn’t know who I was. Now I don’t know why but I lashed out and called her a bitch for not knowing who I was. I blame the alcohol, it had always got the better of me. I stared at her and she screamed at me for calling her a bitch. As she stood up, I grabbed her wrist.
“Don’t walk away from me.” I remember saying. She pulled free and walked out of the door. Surprisingly no one in the pub seemed to care what was going on. I quickly followed her out. I noticed she was heading for her car, so I quickened the pace. Just as she reached for her keys inside her bag I grabbed it and threw it across the car park. She started screaming. I just laughed and did the next best thing. I grabbed her hands behind her back. I ripped off my belt and used it as a tie to bind back her hands. She started screaming but, obviously not loud enough for anyone to hear. I pushed her and pinned her on the ground. I covered her mouth and said, “I’ve been watching you for a while now, I know all about you. When you wake up and take – I must say very sexual – your morning shower, to when you go home and have a little bit of fun on your bed.”
She looked at me with horror in her eyes. I found this very amusing and at this point the alcohol had got to my head. I dragged her round to the back of the car, so that the people in the pub couldn’t see what was happening. From under my hand that was covering her mouth, I could hear little whimpering noises like a puppy makes. I snarled at her sharply, “If you make a move i’ll beat you to death. I only want you, but i’ve never been able to feel your warm body before.” With that i pulled my shirt off and jammed it in her mouth so she was no longer able to whine.
I slowly caressed her body, making the most of her soft skin. As I unbuttoned her work blouse, I noticed she wasn’t wearing a bra. The breasts i’d woke up to and gone to bed dreaming of were right in front of me. I sucked on them, getting very turned on. While I did this I unbuttoned my jeans and slid them off. I lifted up her short black skirt and pulled down her white lace thong. I was having a great time. I shoved my penis into her vagina, making sure I did it deep enough to get some faint squeals of pain from Louise’s voice buried in my shirt. I thrusted, harder and harder, and came inside her. After that I felt great. I smiled with pleasure and looked into her eyes. She was crying. I wondered why. So I said calmly “Whats wrong Louise?” Although I wasn’t expecting an answer from her. “Don’t scream and i’ll let you go. Don’t tell a soul.”
I ripped out the shirt from her mouth. Gazing into her beautiful green pools that were her eyes I said, “I love you.”
She looked up, tears flowing down her perfect face. She said, “Get away from me you sick pervert.” I stood up, untied her hands and pulled up my trousers. Watching her pull up her thong angainst her toned legs turned me on again, but I resisted. She buttoned up her shirt and walked towards her bag. I just stood and watched. She fumbled through her bag and found her car keys. I stared as she approached the car. I was hesistant, but I put my hand on the door, stopping her from opening it. “Hey Louise, don’t you tell anyone.”
She turned towards me and said, “What if I do?”
“What do you think…..?” I whispered.
And she took one last look at me, got in the car and drove off.
The things you go through for an obsession…

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By ~SeNzAfInE~

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