Deadly Visions

One of the most strong memories I’ll ever have is that of one afternoon on a school bus, coming home from a band trip. I was bored, and staring at this girl across the row from me, just off into space. Suddenly, I saw a huge rock…a meteor maybe, break through the bus’s metal roof and hit her, splitting open her skull.

She fell to the ground, convulsing, blood beginning to cover the aisle, her blonde hair clinging to the wound. I reached down and and touched the blood on the floor. I could FEEL it on my fingers, smell it’s iron-like perfume. Needless to say, I was scared. I blinked, then looked around, but it was gone. All of it, and that same girl (Samantha)was listeningto headphones. I looked down atmy finger, and there, though I, nor my best friend Amelia, could believe it, was a maroon stain, likedried blood.
I’ve had experiences like this often, and always when I blink it is gone, but it leaves something-some proof- behind. It scares me, so I’ve come to ask any of you for advice, or answers.

By Promising Betrayal

...Why drink and drive when you can smoke and fly?...