Dean is Doing His Best to Save Sam…Again in ‘Supernatural’ season 9

Hypable ‘Supernatural’ season 9, episode 1 synopsis has Dean desperate to save Sam Hypable Meanwhile, promos have indicated that Sam will be interacting with at least Bobby and Death in his fight for his life, but what else will he be forced to…

the night desk’s insight:
Once again this season, Dean is desperate to save Sam. You have to ask yourself how many times can this guy be his brother’s keeper… I mean you go to hell for someone, you’ve pretty much done all you can do. Dean just keeps on coming. If everyone had a Dean in their life, the world would be a much warmer place. Of course, since we know how far this guy will go for his lil brother, we have no doubt Sam will live to fight another day. I’ll be watching, how bout you?


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