Dear Mother

Here, Mother, give me your hand.

Let me try to make you understand.

I’ll take you through my world of lies,

Lead you into tainted skies.

I’ll show you all the hate and mistrust,

Watch as your heart turns to dust.

You’ll find all your fears risen up to greet you.

All your demons are here to meet you.

Let them force you from promised lands

And lead you into Satan’s hands.

Feel your soul melt away

Then we’ll hear what you have to say.

Be taken into darkest despair

Then we’ll see how much you care.

Feel hatred quickly consume.

Find yourself face to face with doom.

Discrimination will flash in your eyes.

Watch as your innocence dies.

Let injustice seep through your veins.

Be introduced to eternal pains.

Fly through worlds of crimson seas

And darkest voids of miseries.

Feel the black drip through your skin.

Find what lurks in your soul within.

See all the lust for power and greed.

Perhaps you then won’t see the need

To try to save me; I’m already damned.

Now, Mother, do you understand?

I’m sorry to lead you through this place

Where everything holy’s quickly replaced.

I know you found it all bizarre,

But then again, that’s the way things are.