Death At Christmas

I can not imagine how you feel
To be taken so cruelly and unexpected.
No time to say goodbye,
No chance to tell those you loved.

What must your mother feel
To know you are no-longer here?
Her son, her child who she out lived.
Love and life so taken for granted.

What were your last words to her?
It could have been ME so cruelly taken away.
Picked out so coldly from millions.
A life gone and many more devasted.

The time of year for family
Now tarnished with grief and loss.
How do you repair so much damage?
Time will never heal but scar.

What hope can your family feel from this?
To know their son will never return.
A fading memory of your last day.
A life time of grief and misery.

Why were you taken now?
What reason can God give?
He works not in mysterious ways,
He works not at all.

In memory of you and in thought of your family.
I hope your in peace and can forgive your untimely demise.

Dance To The Beat Of HELL:

Blood soaked clothes,
Heart wrenching screams,
Mental anguish,
Sirens screaming,
Are you sure
We’re not in Hell already?

By Wingz

i am occasionally self-destructive but mainly a funny and deep thinking person.