Death Calls To Life

To weep and then to wander, my sentence clearly stands,
To find the chains that bound my heart, and from it cut the strands;

The strands that held my heart to yours
They were but once so true.
Now they alone in darkness lay, apart torn, never true.

Death did creep along me, suck breath for from my lips,
Drag life from deep within me, torture then, I still resist.
But death no mortal failure, righteous forth indeed He stands.
Clasping from the darkness and emerges with dagger, steady hand.
I fear for life will leave me, creep away in muslin gowns.

I hear but yet a whisper, a chill along my spine
Closer now I render, heavy breath upon my fate,
Plunging now so deeply gnawing, knowing I will never wake.
And yet I hear his thunder, of such a mournful state,
Lightly wheezing, slowly teasing, mind o’re to my fate.

Slipping, Slightly falling
Never to regain such stead,
Prisoner am I, speaks the Reaper of the Dead.
But yet I seldom wonder, with mindset hindered so
Be that life was such a blessing, and yet I let it go.

Unwilling yet unwanting did death creep o’re my life
Robbing breath and beauty, from a corpse there such as mine.
Forever now to linger in dark alleys, loathsome ways; waiting for some mortal to lead me through the haze.
Yet death so to reviving, as rain to arid earth
There I shall be waiting, through darkness and rebirth.

The Poem DEATHS CALL TO LIFE was written by me, i am known as spirit of darkness, or Lady of the night… For certain Reasons…. If you like my Poem concerning Death. You will like My other poems and explinations concerning death, darkness and destruction. Furthur more, i will continue to submit other poems and explinations and discorses of my beliefs…..

By ghost ridder

lost n alone in this place taht they call reality her with my boyfriend he is all that matters to me