Death – Chapter 3:

Scene 1

“I didn’t plan on dying so young, and there’s so much I wanted to see and do. I’ve decided I want to stay on Earth and be the soul of my pet dog, so I can see my family.” So that night, Death made the dog die in its sleep, and Josie’s soul was placed into the dead creature.

The next morning, she woke up and saw her mother and father eating breakfast at the table. It was so nice to see them again. It was also nice that they could see her as well. The only problem was, she was inside her dog’s body. Even though Josie was with her family again, she couldn’t tell them anything, or be their little girl she was before. Her parents just saw her as the same old pet they’ve had for all these years. She was not their daughter to them; she was just a dog..

Josie went on living like this for a few months until she couldn’t take it anymore. The next time she was let out of the house, she ran to the front lawn, waiting for a car to pass by. She wanted to put an end to this afterlife. When Josie saw a car coming, she darted in front of it late enough so the driver couldn’t move out of the way. Sure enough, she was run over and died immediately. Her ribs were crushed.

Death appeared again, “You sure ended it early..” “Look,” Josie began, “it was nice to be with my family again, but it wasn’t me..or at least that’s what they thought. They thought I was their same old pet!” Just like the first time she had died, she was upset. “You never seem to be satisfied when you die,” he told her. “Of course not,” Josie stammered. “But why? You made your descision. I thought you’d be happy.” He paused for a moment, “What do you think you’d like to do with your afterlife now?”

Scene 2

The next morning, Josie’s mom woke up and went to the kitchen to have breakfast. Suddenly, she heard the doorbell ring. She wondered who it could be; There weren’t any expected deliveries, and no one would be visiting..this early, anyways. Assuming it was just a sales person, she ignored the bell and continued eating. Then, the doorbell rang several more times, one ring after the other. ‘Whoever it is,’ she thought, ‘sure seems desperate or has something important to say.’ So, she got up and went to answer the door.

The tiny hairs on her arms and on the back of her neck stood straight up. Standing on the front porch, full of life was her thought-to-be dead daughter. Josie told her mother, “I missed you..”

By GoddesS_of_DarknesS

-I try to settle things without violence. But sometimes, people just ask for it!