Death comes to those who wait

The bitter wind lightens in the candlelit presence of the dark angel
Her silk black hair brushes against her soft white skin
The candlelight violently flickers, troubled by its soon demise
It goes unnoticed to the angel, falling in love with the moon
But the bitter wind feels it’s pain

He lightens to a soft calming breeze
And the sweet, eerie chimes help soothe

It’s judgement time for this angel
The stars dance in her eyes, enticing her to heaven
The moonshine leads the way, seduction
The beauty of the night sky calls for angel’s breath

Her wings spread and she cries out in pain
The scorched wings and scarred body arise

The candles reach their end and there’s darkness
Clouds take over the moon, leaving the angel blind
She crawls back to her corner, tears of blood stain her face
The bitter wind mocks, reflecting it’s pain onto the innocenct

She is left in this world, alone in a darkened existance
With a sigh the last candle is blown out.

By MortAura

I'm very much introverted, strange, angstful and my life happens to be non-existant.