Death-Final Chapter: Never will we Part

Josie, “alive” again, stood in front of her shocked mother; she stood with her arms behind her back. With an evil-looking grin on her little round face, and her pale gray eyes focused on her mother, she held in her hands the same axe she killed herself with.

Josie’s mother, Anna had an erie feeling she knew what was going to happen. Her daughter wanted to kill her! The shock she got when she saw Josie on the front porch was nearly enough. “Why are you trying to kill me for!?” Anna screamed, full of terror. “What did I ever do to you?” “Nothing,” Josie replied, “You gave me life and always loved me.” “Then why do you want to kill me!?” Without responding, she took a swing at her mother, with the axe. She missed, and before she could try again, Anna ran upstairs to her bedroom.

Josie’s father, Daniel was still lying in bed; Anna locked the door and violently shook Daniel trying to get him up. “Danny! DANNY! Josie’s trying to kill me!” He groaned as he woke up, “Hmwhat are you talking about? Have you lost your mind, Josie died months ago..” “Yes, and she’s back from the dead now and she’s trying to kill me with your axe!” He still didn’t believe her and said, “You must’ve had a very bad dream; now stop this nonsense!–” Daniel swore and Anna screamed when they both heard a big bang on the door. “Why won’t you let me in?” Josie whined, “I just want to be with you.”

She was too weak to break the door open with the axe, let alone, without it. Anna and Daniel remained in the room utterly terrified, and Josie continued to scream and bang on the door, desperate to be let in/get in. This went on for a few hours; Josie decided to give up and left. Her parents were really hungry now, but they were still afraid to leave the room.

After a few more hours, the house was perfectly silent. Josie’s parents felt it was safe to leave the room, yet they were very cautious. “I’m going to go freshen up in the washroom, okay? I’ll be right back,” Anna whispered. “Okay, I’ll dial 911, but I wont tell them who’s trying to kill us because they won’t believe us.” “Alright..,” tears ran down Anna’s cheek.

In the middle of Daniel’s conversation with the police, he dropped the phone and fell face down on the floor. Josie had been hiding behind the island in the kitchen; when she heard her father on the phone, she snuck up behind him and hacked him with the axe. Anna heard Daniel fall, and screamed louder than ever. Josie knew she was in the washroom, so she hurried there. As soon as her mother came out the door, they both ran into eachother. The blade went right between her ribs, and she fell forward, slowly.

Josie could see the blood rushing out from her mother, so, before she died, she told her, “Now we’ll always be together!” She was very happy. Now that Death has taken the life of Josie AND her parents, they would be together for eternity. Never will they part.

This story has been influenced by the song “Death” from RamGin. The song was written by Lina N., and the story was written by me(Elena F.)– Both of us are from RamGin.

By GoddesS_of_DarknesS

-I try to settle things without violence. But sometimes, people just ask for it!