DEATH-I’ll see you soon

Im bleeding.
full of excitment and fear too.
the cuts on my wrists,
the pain and suffering,

the smell of hate and disgust,
its all going to be over in a matter of seconds.
your crying and panicing,
because you know that its too late to even try to save me.
Death…i never thought i could ever be so glad to meet it.
you try everything you can to stop the bleed…
but it seems the more you try the harder it bleeds!
you sit beside me, kiss me, and tell me you love me.
“i love you too” i say, “but even though you dont realize now…you’ll be happier when im gone”…it hurts me to see you cry, but i knew what i had to do.
im running out of breath now, my body is going weak.
your begging god to stop this and let me live…but he wont stop me! You’ve been there and been a friend to me for all my life, then faintly i can hear you still praying..”please”
I fall over on to the blood covered floor, and through tears, and blurred vision…i can see you pick the knife up and slit your wrists as hard as you can. you lay down beside me, i feel that its time! right before i fade away from the life i once had…i hear you whisper..”I’ll see you soon”