Death is only the begining – Poem

As the tears roll down your pretty face,
and as you stare off into endless space,
you ask God “God answer me this,
what did i do, what have i done,

to make you this pissed?”
He answers “My child,
it’s not what you did,
or what you’ve done,
but i’m truely sorry it was you,
who had to be the one.
Some have it good,
other quite bad
when it’s all said and done,
everyones somehow sad.”
And as your tears start coming even harder you scream
“Why me? Why is it me
who gets put through all this pain and misery?”
“My child it’s not just you,
but millions of other too.
Some are delt with care,
others treated quite harsh,
i know you think lifes not fair,
but keep faith,
and someday you’ll come to this heavenly place.
Some call it heaven,
some call it hell,
when it’s all said and done,
i’ll ring your final bell.
Some are quite happy,
others very sad,
but to you and everyone else i have but one thing to say.
Don’t be happy, nor be sad,
cause death is only the begining of a life of new pain.
Just be glad it’s over, just be glad.

By unforgiven soul

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