Death, Spirit, Reincarnate

Cry not for me Momma, I’ll be back.
When have I ever truly left you?
I know you’re sad, but you know where I am. I’ve gone nowhere.
You thought you lost me once, but I never did leave. I promise I didn’t.
I’m sorry you’re sad. I’ll try to stay longer this time. And I won’t make you cry.
Dry your tears Momma. I’m here again-remember me?
I told you I’d be back. You were scared, weren’t you?
Well, I’m here now-I won’t leave so soon.
This new world we’ve made-I like it. I want to help it grow.
I’m growing too fast, Momma, I know. But I will try not to leave sooner than you need.
I knew I was yours before; I just wanted to tell you. I heard when you told me in my sleep.
I see you’re happy now. That’s all that I asked of Santa this year.

By Sorrow Symphony

I am truly in need of healing. But I doubt that will come. More later.