death to all

Death to All

As a young child Joey had a terrible life. His father was a drunk and his mother past away when Joey was very young. His father was terrible to him. He would lock Joey in the closet for no reason but to hear him cry. At school all the other kids tormented Joey. They would gang up on him and take turn using him as a punching bag. But all Joey did was take it and bottle it up inside. As Joey got older it would get worse. He was a big loner at the age of 17; no one wanted to hang around a person like him. Joey didn’t mind, he just kept on living his life because he new he was better then them that he was stronger then them.
The guy that was the biggest pain to Joey was a guy named Mike. Joey had a crush on Mike’s girlfriend, Carly. She was a slim blonde with green eyes. Mike always new that Joey like her.
One day when Joey was eating launch when Carly came up to him with a grin on her face. Joey couldn’t believe his eyes. He was sitting there with Carly; she sat down right against Joey and started to flirt with him. After talking for awhile about nothing particular she ask “why don’t you come to my party this weekend” “ya, sure” Joey said not sure of what else to do. “Great, I’ll see you there” squeaked Carly as she got up to leave “oh by the way it’s a costume party so don’t forget to get a costume” “I’ll remember” smiled Joey.
That night Joey went into his dad’s room and stole a few bucks to buy a costume. He new that he could probably get away with it because his dad was so drunk that he couldn’t even remember his own name let alone how much money he had in his wallet.
When Joey got to the costume shop they were practically sold out except for a few crap costumes but, Joey made the best of the situation as usually and found a half descent costume of the grim reaper.
That week went by fast for Joey he couldn’t wait for the party that would start in half an hour. Joey was making his way down the street toward the party in his black cloak, skull mask, and plastic scythe. When he got to the party everyone seemed to be there already. Joey walked up the front steps of the house. Before he could knock on the door it swung open and Mike was standing in the door way in his football player costume. Mike also wore a big smile and Joey new what to become of himself. He didn’t even try to run away, he new without turning around that 2 of mikes friends were standing behind him. “What do you think you’re doing here?” coolly ask mike “Carly invited me” Joey said just as cool. Just then Carly came to the door in her cheerleader costume “I never invited you!” she spat “well in that case I think we should teach Joey here a lesson about bashing parties” said mike with a smile to big for his face. But that wasn’t what Joey was paying attention to. He was staring at Carly, he was staring at her with pure hatred when she laughed as mike and the others beat the living hell out of Joey.
As Joey limped home leaning upon his plastic scythe all he could feel was hatred. Nothing could penetrate his madness not even the pain of the broken ribs that he received for his stupidity in believing Carly, who happened to be mikes girlfriends. All he wanted now was to push this to the back of his mind with everything else that has caused him pain.
When he got home his dad was sitting on the couch once more drunk out of his mind. When Joey stepped threw the door a beer bottle flew by his head. “Who the hell do you think you are?” Joey’s father slurred as he wobbled over to where Joey now stood “steeling, steeling from your old man.” Joey just stood there he new now what this was about “after all I’ve done for you –“ breathed Joey’s father. His breath was coated with the sent of liquor. “Done for me!” shouted Joey. He couldn’t take being pushed around anymore “all you ever done for me is torture me. Putting me in the closet because I coughed, beaten me when I cried about how I was already beaten by the kids at school, ya you did a lot for me!” Joey was screaming so loud that he didn’t even recognize his own voice. Then everything went black.
Joey awoke to find his head aching and his dad standing over him. “Hope you like it here” joeys father said as he turned to leave “oh, and don’t you ever some back to my house, and anything that you owned you don’t own anymore,” said his dad with out stopping. Once his dad had left Joey could hear the faint noise of his father’s car driving way.
When Joey found it in him to stand he took a look around his surroundings. It was an old run down barn. It had a few old tools lying around. Once again Joey felt the hatred come over him again. But this time it was different. It came to him with physical force. The force was so strong that knock Joey from his feet. It ran threw his body like the blood in his veins. After a few minutes Joey was able to get to his knees but, then came another blow that doubled him over. From outside the barn all that could be heard were Joey’s screams of pain. Once the pain stopped Joey was coated by a cold sweat. Breathing heavily Joey got to his feet. Slowly Joey made his way over to a bucket of water. Dipping his head in to the water it cooled him off rapidly. When he pulled his head out of the bucket Joey slowly ran his hands over his face. A chill ran up his spine. His flesh was no longer there. All he could feel was cold bone. He looked down at his hands. They were the same. Slowly he brought his face in few of the water bucket what he saw was a bleach white skull staring back at him with 2 black empty eye sockets. Joey shuck with rage, he new what did this to him. It was all of them everybody out in the world, they did it, Mike, Carly, his dad, and everyone else. They were going to pay for what they did, Joey thought to himself.
As Joey left the barn he came across a scythe. What a beautiful tool he thought. With its long curved blade and smooth wood handle. He picked it up and swung it a few times to see how well balance it was.
On Joey’s way back to town he came across a couple sitting in a car making love. He walked up as quiet as death. Raising the scythe Joey brought it down in a clean sweep. It cut thought the roof and door on the passenger side killing woman in side with a bloody splat. The young man screamed as he turned to open his own door and get away. When he got out of the car death was awaiting. Joey picked the boy up and eyed him closely “please don’t hurt me” whimpered the boy “death shows no mercy!” hissed Joey as he laughed. Throwing the boy on the ground Joey raised his scythe “on your knees” Joey commanded as the crying boy did Joey brought the scythe down upon the boys neck. The boy’s headless corpse laid on its chest as the head rolled a few yards away. If Joey still had a face there would be a large grin upon it
The next day the word spread rapidly about the murder. No one could think of think of a reason why someone would do such a thing. Secondly how could anyone be physically able to do what they did to the car. All of the windows smashed the hood and roof slashed like paper, and the doors torn way from the car. Upon the hood of the trunk was a message.
Here lies 2 dead. All because of what you did to me. I’m coming for you. No one can save you. It won’t be pretty. Just like these 2.
“Did you hear about that murder out side of town?” asked Carly “who do you think did it?” suddenly the couple was interrupted by there friends. “Hey, mike have you seen that Joey kid?” asked one of mikes friends. “Sorry, haven’t seen him, made if were lucky he’ll be the next victim to that killer” answered Mike. There was suddenly a burst of laughter from the group.
That night death made a visited to Joey’s old house. No one was home of course. His father wouldn’t be home until later that night. It was now 10 o’clock. His father would most likely be home around midnight. So Joey had a little fun redecorating the house with few little holes in the wall here, and a few slashed couches. By the time Joey’s dad got home the house was no more then an egg with its insides already scrambled. Joey left the house long before his dad got back. When his dad got in all that remained in one piece was a sheet of paper. On the paper was written a note, your next.
Joey watched the house for 3 days and his father didn’t leave even once. Joey new now was the time to strike. While his father was sober enough to feel the pain that was going to be bestowed upon him by Joey.
It was about 11 o’clock at night when Joey made his way toward the house he once called home. Rapping at the front door Joey could hear his dad making his way toward the back door like the coward he was. *bang* everything went black for Joey’s father when his nose connected with the end of Joey’s scythe. His nose now lied flat against his face as blood ran from it. When he awoke he found his son standing over him, mocking him. “Hello, father” said the skull that was Joey’s face. His father let out a gasp in reply. Joey let out a laugh “nice to see you to” Joey said as he past the room “do you like my new look,” asked Joey as he came back to where his father lied ”you helped to do this to me”. ”How?” asked the father once he found his voice. “I have a theory” squealed Joey as he jumped upon his father’s chest “sorry” Joey said with a hint of a giggle in his voice “would you like to hear it?” his father shock his head in response stilling trying to catch his breath after the attack. “NO!” Joey yelled “well, to bad” Joey took his fathers broken nose and gave it a sharp twist, his father let out a scream of detest. “Music to my ears” Joey whispered in Joy “well you are going to listen anyways and you are going to listen good, you no good drunk” Joey said in a grim voice “my theory it that you and all those other idiots” Joey gestured toward the front door “have put so much pain and hatred upon my shoulders that I could no longer hold it and it tore me apart from the inside out” Joey’s voice slowly trailed way in to nothingness “why couldn’t you just tried to give me a normal life?” Joey cried as he put his fist into his fathers face. Once more his father let out a scream of pain. “your lucky dad I’m going to kill you some what quickly” Joey hissed into his father’s ear “but, first do me a favour … tell me about my mother?” Joey asked softly “your mother?” his father said in confusion. “Yes my mother, I would like to know something about her” Joey said sitting down be side his father. “You think that I’m going to tell you anything, after what you have just done” said his father spitting in Joey’s skull face. “Fine” said Joey as he got up “have it you way” Joey raised his scythe and brought it down upon his fathers shoulder blade cutting clean through the flesh and bone causing his father to cry out for mercy as the arm fell to the floor. Joey picked up the arm and smacked his father in the face “have it your way” Joey said once more as he rose the scythe once again slashing a clean cut through the opposite shoulder. His father was now crying, while Joey laughed. Blood coated the floor in a dark glaze of red. “Farwell father” Joey said as he raised the scythe for the last time to his father. With the final blow Joeys father’s head flew up into the air “batter up” Joey snickered as he took the flat side of his scythe and hit the decapitated head out of a broken window that facet the front lawn. “Home run” Joey laughed as he finished his second note written in his father’s blood. He got up walked out the back door with the blood trickling scythe on his shoulder.
“The third murder in less then a week has been reported today by a jogger who was on his way down a quiet street where he found the unfortunate man’s head on the front lawn, officials think this is the work of a professional,” said the TV news reporter “the man’s body was found in the house, he was brutally cut to pieces, also police have taken a couple of teenagers into protective care, the couple are believed to be the next victims of the murder, on a lesser note –“ the TV was then turned off. “Great now when are on TV” Mike said as he threw the remote at the screen of the TV “ calm down its not that big of a deal” Carly said “ besides he won’t find us out here”
Carly and Mike were in a little house with a group of police officer “besides he wouldn’t be stupid enough to come after us when there a group of cops around” Carly stated “right” Mike said calming down a little “still, you heard what they said about what he did to the own father” Mike was cut short when the door to the room opened. An officer walked in “we have bad news” said the man “we can’t find Joey anywhere so we are gong to have to keep you two here a little longer” “how long is a little longer?” Mike asked jumping to his feet. “As long as he’s still out there, you’re going to have to stay here.”
“Where could they be?” Joey asked himself as he came out of his hiding place. Joey had been watching Carly’s house for the past two days. “They must have taken my offer of hidden go seek” Joey laughed grimly “this is going to be fun”. Joey made his way back to his old house. When he got to his former home he saw that there were still a couple of cops. So Joey snuck into the backyard and came in through an open window. Joey could tell that the officer had been there for so time probably trying to collect any forgotten evidences. Joey slowly came up behind the young cop. The cop didn’t even no what hit her. Joey pounced on the woman picking her up off the floor by the neck. The cop didn’t even have time to yell out for help before her wind pipe was broken. All the commotion going on inside the house disturbed the dead officer’s partner who was standing outside. The man came running in only to find his partner dead on the floor. When he turned he was greeted by a smooth white skull staring at him with 2 empty eye sockets staring at him. Then a white bone hand flew out from the black cloak and enclosed around the mans neck “do me a favour and tell me where they are” Joey hissed though his gritted jaw “who?” the suffocating officer asked “answer” Joey said as he brought the mans face closer to his own “I don’t know what you’re talking about” stammered the officer as he attempted to halt the skeletal hands firming grasp. “Yes you do” Joey said ruthlessly “the 2 of them, a boy and a girl, tell me” “I don’t know” snivelled the man “to bad for you” Joey answered while he listened to the mans neck splinter and surveyed his body go limp slowly. Joey then took the walky-talky off the man’s belt and let him slump to the floor. Turning the walky-talky on as he left he searched the stations, finally finding the one he was looking for. “Are the kids ok?” asked one voices “everything is ok” answer the other.
The rest of that night Joey walked around the neighbourhood trying to find the source of the voices that were heard but, was unable to. Everywhere he went the signal would die away. After awhile Joey headed back toward Carly’s house. Joey sat in his hiding place for an hour when a squad car pulled into the driveway 2 officers got out and headed up the front steps, watching them Joey was flooded with the memory of when he had walked up those stairs only to be thrashed. Once the officers were inside, Joey creped over to a window. Where he saw the officer talking to Carly’s parents “where’s my daughter?” demanded Carly’s father “I’m sorry but we can’t tell you that” said one of the police officer “if we could we would have done so earlier” Carly’s mother began to sob. Joey jump for joy knowing how much pain he has cause “serves them right” Joey said under his breath has he came back to watch the incident that was taking place inside “we can take you there but not now” said the officer trying to calm the grieving mother anyway he could “when then” said the father who was now starting to get irritated with the young officer “we can make some kind of plan but not at a time like this, it just isn’t safe” said the officer trying to keep the hot head father calm “can we send a letter at least?” begged the mother trying to keep control of her tears. “I guess we could do that for you” said the officer giving in. So Carly’s mother quickly wrote a letter and handed it to the officer who placed it in to his pocket and departed. As they got back into there car the officers didn’t notice the extra passenger in the trunk of the car.
When the car brought to a halt Joey stayed in the trunk until the cops’ foot steppes died away. When he got out he saw a small house it was wedged between groves of trees, almost out of view. Joey slowly made his way toward the house the sun was just breaching the horizon. Joey was going to have to wait until the sun would make its descent that night. Until then Joey would have to find a place to hide and wait.
Joey spent his day hiding under a pine while the sun made its dance across the sky.
That night Joey came out from the pine and made his way toward the small house the only sound that could be heard was the soft foot steps of Joey upon the dead leaves.
As Joey got close he could hear the voices of the cops standing guard at the front door to the house. Joey came up the far side of one of the cops and grabbed him by the throat and threw him at the other officer standing opposite to him. Joey then jumped upon then with such vicious force that the 2 guard were nothing more then a pile of red gore when he had finally got back to his feet.
Joey was on his way in when a hale storm of bullets hit him. Joey was knocked from his feet. The possessor of the gun was a third officer was now staring down at his target in terror. For Joey was now rising to his feet. Standing Joey grabbed the gun from the officer and threw it out the front door behind him. Joey brought his face level with the cop’s “do you think you can just shot me and get away with it?” Joey asked taking a step closer. Now he was standing over the cop “do you?” Joey then took the officers head and bent it backwards. Bending the man backwards, folding the man to his limits. Slowly the man back started to crackle like fire wood. The cop let out a scream of pain as he slowly slipped into darkness that is death. Dropping to what was the cop’s body to the ground as Joey made his way through the house. Searching every room as he walk down the hall. When he came across Mike, standing in a large room. “Hello Michael” Joey said as he walked toward Mike. The only response Mike gave was a raging screaming as he ran towards Joey. Joey didn’t move, taking the hit in full force. Being knocked back into the wall “is that all you got?” Joey said as he pushed mike away. Mike came at Joey with fist flying. Joey simply reach out and grabbed the fists and listen to the knuckles crack in his grasp. Mike couldn’t believe what just happened. Never had Joey done such an acted. “Who are you” Mike said as he pulled away. “Your reaper” Joey said as he took his scythe from his back. At that moment Mike turned to run away but it was too late. Joey raised his scythe bring it down low. The blade swooped down slicing Mike’s ankles causing his feet to depart from his body. Mike still in a running motion couldn’t stop and took a few bloody steps before falling on his face. Rolling over he found Joey standing there with his cold hollow sockets staring at him. Joey crouched down beside him and placed his bone hand on mikes chest right where his heart should be “you won’t need this anymore” Joey said softly as he began to dig his hand into mikes chest. Mike let out a horrifying screaming. He screamed so hard that his throat began to bleed. Mike fell limp once his heart lied in Joey’s blood covered palm. Mikes face was left in a permanent ghastly scream. Joey looked down at the heart then pocketed it. Joey couldn’t help but to look back at Mike’s body. That body had once caused Joey so much pain but now all it is, is a pile of human flesh and bone.
Joey had search almost the whole house and still couldn’t find Carly. Making his way to the back door he could see that it was locked so it couldn’t be the way she left. As he came through the door way of the kitchen he was attacked by a knifed hand that was Carly’s. When she came out to see her dirty work she only fond Joey standing over her with his black eye sockets ablaze. Carly took a step back “how?” she squeaked “you can’t kill what’s already dead!” Joey said pulling the knife from his chest “look” Joey pulled open his cloak to reveal a pearl white rib cage. Carly let out a gasp of horror. Carly ran for the backdoor. Joey dropped the knife and then took his scythe from his back in a fluid motion he threw the scythe that sailed threw the air at Carly. Carly was still running when she took a look back at her attacker only to be met by a flying scythe in the turned shoulder causing her to spin around. The forces of the weapon made her spin to face Joey and nail her to the backdoor. Joey slowly made his way toward Carly picking the knife up from its resting place; he cradled it in his own hand. Now it will be my turn to laugh Joey thought. Still walking slowly toward Carly so that she could feel every step he took. Carly began to count the time it took for Joey to walk toward her in bursts of pain. Just kill me she wanted to say but couldn’t find it in her to speak. Joey made the final steps with laughter of pleasure. Now that he was face to face with Carly he pulled mikes heart out with his empty hand and raised it to Carly’s face. Carly was able to find part of her missing voice to let out a plea but Joey didn’t hear it. “I have a treat” Joey said as he crammed the heart into Carly’s mouth “I hope you enjoy it.” Joey raised the knife to Carly’s chin. A single tear ran down Carly’s cheek when the blade went through her jaw and out the back or her head pinning the heart in her mouth and her head to the door. Joey removed the scythe from Carly and headed out the backdoor which Carly was still pinned to by the knife.
As Joey walked down the hill on which the house sat upon. He new that the pleasure he felt now would not last for long. Just like a junkie he new he would have to feed his addiction once more. His addiction for the blood of the guilty.

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