.:Death within a dream:.

Whats the point of living when living is to suffer? Worse when you have tosuffer at the hands of something you have no conrtol over. 15 years old and already i suffer seven signs of insanity; depression, paranoia and numerous other Psychological disorders.

Anyone who spent one whole day viewing the world through my eyes, sharing my thoughts, would end up mentally scarred after that day. If only i could discover a miracle drug to fix everything and take away all the pain, but in this fucked up society we’d rather spend money on weapons and athletes than medicinal research. People say that “life is but a dream” if that is the case then i want to wake up, not a dream anymore, just a nightmare. I may be alone in my views but i would rather “piss against the wind” than become another victim of the current corrupted society. Its strange how thoughts of suicide can actually comfort me, i suppose its because I can at any time stop the pain & agony, its my only exit. There are plenty of times im forced to wear a mask of happiness and a veil of contentment, so that im not forced to have my consciousness clouded with pills. Ironic isn’t it? But hey, thats the sexually transmitted disease we call life.

By downwardspiral

Birth,life....awaiting death