Deaths Doorway

He looked like deaths friend. It wasnt only him. I look around this town, and the towns surrounding, death is all over in unussual amounts.

We do live in the infamous “suicide belt”. So many people look like friends of death. It’s amazing how when you look into some ones face you know they are going to die. Not everyone can see it. I can. I am sure others can as well. Who would admit to it though? The only reason I do is because I don’t care what they think. I can see things they cant. If they could see what I see, they wouldnt laugh, they wouldnt mock and they most definatly wouldnt stay. They would go as far away as the possibly could go to stay safe. They would also change a few things in thier lives.

I dont know why it is that I have been chosen to see the things I see. I dont know what it is I am supposed to do with this…gift? or is it a curse? or maybe it is something I am not supposed to have, and it has gone unnoticed; except by me.
I looked into his face and I knew he would die. I looked into her face and I knew she would die. All so young and ready to die. Why? Fear! Fear of what I do not know, all I know is the dying is not finished.

This town so full of sin, so full of evil, and so full of death is the gate way; the gate way to hell. Deaths doorway.
Suicide, murder, accidents of one kind or another.

He didnt realize the bridge would tip him over in the creek, leaving him there for days. Do you want to know how he died exactly? Did he drown? Did he die of hypothermia? Did his neck snap some time during the crash and the roll?

And what about her? Did the booze kill her or the desise to her liver that she was born with?

Did that rope around his neck strangle him? Or did it snap?

Did she really drive out infront of that semi to die? Or did she just not have her timing right passing that car infront of her?

Oh Jason, you and that gun. Did you really mean to take off your head like you did? Would the booze have killed you in the long run anyways? Even though I knew, it still haunts.
I seen that one happen. I walked throught the trees one night and when I came into the open I saw your car, with you in it, holding that gun to your mouth. I couldn’t stop you because even though I saw it happen I wasnt really there.

And you! You who was supposed to raise a family. You who took to drinking… Did you embrace that cancer when it came? Was that the easiest way to run out on all of us? I bet you had the widest arms of anyone being diagnosed. I bet a smile came to your face as you realized you wouldnt ever have to take any responsibility. I forgive you! You are dead it is gone and over with for the most part. I forgive you. I dont know about the rest, but I do.

Did you realize the first time the train struck that it was to be your fate to die by one? I bet you didnt even see it coming. Even in your passing you managed to make those trains a joke.

Mother and son…was life so bad you had to leave your daughters and sisters like you did? what about your husband and father?

I looked into your faces and I saw it. I see this town and its surroundings are at the gate way.

And you doubt me when I say this is deaths door way? Listen to the stories I have just told and believe me when I can tell you so many more. Dont look at me for you may see, what I already know. This is deaths doorway.

By Noslos_Insanity

If it''s insane, a little crazy, and a bit off the wall, I am so game. The music has to be heavy, and good enough to dance to. My mind is very thirsty, have anything to drink?