-death comes easy in these times

-quick deaths are for cowards

-long agonizing deaths are for the brave

-life has no meaning

-but death promises release

-a way out

-a better life

-a life were nothing matters

-a life were theres nothing there

-as the razor slides agenst the skin of the brave

-they feel at peice

-they finaly see what the world really is like

-and in death we are free

-free from lifes false promises

-as the blood leaves

-and the darkness takes its place

-you know death is here

-and its here for you

-so acept it

-for you cannot escape it

-it will love you more

-if you cut life short

-making its embrace that much sweeter

By bloodrose

death has many forms i embrace them all but i perfer one over the others for her embrace is deadlier then any and yet it is so sweet and filled with passion for raven is my love and i would have none other