Deaths Texts

I’ll draw a lil picture
I’ll draw it with a twist
I’ll draw it with a razor
I’ll draw it on my wrist

Arch angel dark angel
Lend me thy light
Through deaths veil
Till we have heaven in site

I live in a place where sweat runs red
And flesh falls away in broken blisters
We are but born to die
Why suffer in between?

Sick and twisted
Beaten and whipped
My scars alone will bind me here

In hell I am god
Im heaven a muse
Death must find me and then I shall lose.

By HarbringerofDeath

By IgnoredRose

uh..I'm 15 from the ghetto in Boston,Mass. I am a high school student. I like dark things. I'm a bit eccentric. I'm unique, very open-minded. I'm bisexual. I have Blonde hair, blue eyes(unfortunatly). i'm 5'1' 110 whatever. peace