Sitting in the snow
on my face a frozen tear
I wish I could just sleep
through all of my december
Everyone is happy
it’s the most wonderful time of year
for me it just means fear
all my friends are gone away
The day is coming near
When every single thing I have
Is taken far from here
It’s hopeless in my heart
how can I make it clear
but when I try to tell someone
it’s like no one can hear
It all just stays the same
like living in a mirror
no one hears you screaming
I’ll die if I stay here
It echos off the glass
and hits me in the face
cause nothing ever changes
here in this empty place
Now the air is getting cold
This is just another day
here in my december
alone I’m left with nothing
I sit here in despair
wonderin bout tomorrow
and who will still be there