Looking at him I saw not a man but a beast. A beast of immeasurable power. Looking at me, past my eyes and in to my soul, I shuddered. Feeling the intrusion of my mind: My thoughts, fears, and desires. Close to the point of panic, I backed away, eyes locked on the dark orbs of his unnaturally white face. Suddenly I could hear voices. All around. Telling me to go to him.

Whispering insistently of his need for me. Having not the will to stop myself, I walked towards him, the voices surrounding me; beckoning me forward. As I came within arms reach of him, those dark luscious lips of his curved upward in a smile, his mouth parting slightly to reveal two pearly white fangs. I suddenly felt the need to touch him. To run my hands over the perfectly smooth skin of his face, which seemed to almost be carved of white marble. Staring in to those mirrors which reflected my soul I saw an attractiveness to him I’d never encountered before. His dark hair cut short and neat, matching in color his eyes. And O those eyes. Such depth to them. Unnatural. Looking past anything before them and seeing the true meaning to things. His face was colorless save for the faint human blush to his cheeks and lips. Those lips. So enticing. I felt the need to press mine to his, to touch them and feel them against my own skin. And that I did. Before thinking, I leaned forward, his arms already open, ready to embrace me. Encircling my hand around his head, I pulled his face towards mine, his lips brushing against mine. To my shock, I found them to be cold and lifeless, like kissing a block of ice. Yet they were smooth and pressed against mine with a hungry insistence. His own arms encircled me, and pulled my even closer. Suddenly I felt danger. A danger for my life. I was about to push away but I could feel his hold on me tighten, causing me to scream. It was instantly swallowed in the night air as his tongue forced itself in to my mine, silencing all sound. My eyes darted around, panic taking hold. What had I done? I didn’t want to die. Not like this. But then, I suddenly started feeling peaceful. This creature didn’t want to hurt me. As he continued to caress me and fill my mouth with delicious kisses I felt myself give myself up completely to him. Surrendering myself to his mercy. I closed my eyes, feeling his lips trail along my cheek and then coming to rest on the bare skin of my neck. Suddenly as if seeing through his eyes, I could see my own neck. Feel the pulsing of my own artery beneath the skin. I felt a hunger so wild and intense it sent shock waves through me. Snapping back in to my own mind, I felt a sudden stab of pain in my neck, causing me to gasp. And then rather violently I felt him tear at my throat, taking in my blood as well. The sounds grew fainter as the intense pain dulled down to a mere numb throb. I realized I was losing consciousness. And here I lay, my life fading before me, deceived by this creature ravaging my throat, taking my blood. My blood. My life. Gone.

By BleedingRegret

Rip. Me. Apart. Till. I. BLEED.