Deluded Metaphor To You

I’m alone in this tiny room, writing again. My mother’s telling me to go to bed, but I’m not listening. Who cares if it’s gone midnight? It’s not my fault she can’t appreciate the night. Night is when all creativity flows. Why waste it with sleep? Dreams are nothing, dreams hurt. I dreamt of you last night. Want to know what I dreamt?

Everywhere there were cars, business people; the city was bustling with life and angry office workers running late. The whole scene of turmoil was nothing more than an over grown traffic jam. All they cared about was their importance, blinded by their irrelevance in life, they carried on oblivious. I walked through the dirtied streets, and raised my face to the sky. Something was so terribly wrong, something malformed was hanging in the air, and I could sense it.

It was raining but I could not feel the rain. I was soaked but the clouds had subsided. I didn’t feel any panic, although those around me had stopped to stare. Turning my face upwards, I stared, and felt my breath catch in my throat. Everything was a glow, a dim artificial light, it was as if it was night and the world was lit by a giant desk lamp. A little girl ran past me lost, she was crying and screaming, so confused.

“Mummy, mummy, where are you? Where did the sun go?” Blinded by her tears, the tiny girl ran on.

My heart bled for her innocence, but I made no move to stop her as she ran unthinking into the road. I didn’t flinch as she tripped over a loose stone in the road. I turned away as the child was caught in the path of an oncoming bus. Her blood ran gleaming on her pavement, as her mother approached. I smiled as she dropped to her knees, crying, crying. Sobbing for the loss of her little girl, picking up the decapitated teddy bear that had been knocked from tiny arms.

I was so at peace, dodging the flame and ice that fell, why didn’t I care? My heart felt so light, my spirits so calm. It was just another day, as the sky fell down.

Then I awake. It’s dark and I’m alone in a tiny room. But something is wrong, noting the people in the circle around me I realise I am still caught up in this dream. The door opens, and suddenly we are sitting around a table, six of us. Below us is the wreckage of our fallen house; the street is completely flattened, emaciated and silent. The silence is broken, by the tripping of feet, a woman approaches, she’s limping, and wearing a nightdress that hung around her skeletal form like an over sized pillowcase.

“They’re dead. All of them! They’re all gone, died in their sleep, died in their sleep… We’re the last ones left!” Her voice became shrill and she fell to her knees, her body shaking. “They’re gone! We’re the last… ones… left…”

I didn’t say a word, just rose silently from my chair. I pick up a phone, and dial your number. Your brother answers, I ask him if you’re alive. He won’t tell me. I ask and ask, wait and wait, but still he will not return to the phone to give me the news. You were the first person I turned to, but I shall never know if you were there or not.

Gasping, I awake.

I dreamt of you last night. The sky was falling in.
I love you, are you ever there? I hope it was just a dream.


*Ok I know this is wierd and doesn’t make much sense, but it’s based on my dream and it meant a lot to me for some strange reason. Any criticism welcome :)*


By LadyPhoenix

More to me than meets the eye, my dreams may fail but I won't die...