Demon In An Angels Place

Angels fall broken wings
Horns replace their halos
And rip the beauty from their faces
Cursed looks now upon their faces

Demon’s marching in Angel’s places
Lighting fire to their churches
They praise the Devil he they worship
Slashings of angel’s beauteous wings
Blood falls upon me in my deepest dreams
Roars of demonic laughter
As I awake in a black rose pasture
I lick the blood from my torn feathers
Then I start to sing the demons song
Once an angel now fallen from grace
Now you see that demonic look upon my face
You push me away with much disgrace
With that forever angel look plastered upon your face
Guess you will never know what it feels like
To have a demon take your angelic place.

By HeatherNorwood

16 years old, lives in massachusetts and studying to speak with the death and share my writing with all. Also Honor student looking Twards being a major in florensics and working through the FBI.