looking at the worl thew someone elses eyes was what i hade in mind…little did i know what i was getting myself into…….

it all started when me and my friend josh decicded to go into an abandonded house just to fuck around cause we were bored. anyway i stumbled apon something that was a dark bottle with a candle in it. i picked it up and looked at it and decided to light it cause the place was dark. as soon as i flicked my lighter sparks went everywhere and then all of a sudden flmaes startde to sorround me and josh. as the flames slowly crept up the wall me and josh looked at eachother knowing that this was not a good sign…then..nothing but white light apeared that nearly blinded me…….i wake up only to find josh lieing uncouncious, with his whole body pressed up against a wall with what look like blood dripping down each and every part of his body. for all i know he could have been dead, but the fact that i could see him breathing was proof enough. as i reach out to help him down he screams at me and i notice my hands were bulkier than usual and red. i had long black nails and right when i was baout to say what the fuck.. my voice sounded much deeper thatn usual. apon the broken peaces of glass i try too see what the fuck had happened to my hands only finding out that not only had my hands changed but also my fa