Will I ever stop crying

Will the memories fade away

Just when I start to forget

Something ignites my mind

A scent, a voice, a grave

Whatever it is, I can’t stop

Just when everything is getting sane

I see something that bows me away

A shock to my system

A mental meltdown

Everything quits working

And I just shut down

I lie to myself about you & me

I say it was nothing special

And that it doesn’t matter to you

And just when I start to believe

You come back to me

And I start to bleed insanity

I try to pretend there wasn’t an end

But then I get reminded

Every single day

That you’re not mine

What did I do wrong

What did I say

I lay awake at night

Tossing & turning

Dying to find an escape

Nowhere to run

Nowhere to hide

Where did it all go, where’s my life

Don’t tell me it’ll be all right

I don’t’ want those lies

You know it’s all gone to Hell

And even you can’t save me now

So don’t try to act tough

Don’t attempt to be a hero

Cause all you’ll do

Is say that I don’t love you

And then I’ll cry & scream & shout

And beat all the emotion out

You’ll tell me it wasn’t meant to be

And I’ll love you for lying to me

Why can’t you understand

That I’m God’s gift to you

Why can’t you see

That you’re killing me

Why can’t you come back

And just love me

By LilDragonfly

I have a tattoo, and if u r a good lil freak, I'll think about letting u find it...