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There’s a feeling of encouragement
Like I know why I’m here
What I’m doing
But that feelings always followed by pain

The world around me is what holds me down
No one in it can feel what I do
Why I do, they don’t want to understand
They have a stair supporting them
One that will never break, or disappear
While mine has been gone for to long
I’ve been stuck here, at this one place
For what seems to be forever
No one else around
No one to seclude to, whisper to
I’m all alone, like always
The steps back down to my own reality destroyed
So I’m left to be apart of theirs
People surround me, smothering me with their existence
Making me smaller and smaller compared to who they are
No one around with a face I know
No ones words compelling to my ears
My sight gone, only my mind to guide me through
A mind crazed, almost lost to the feelings around me
My mind destined to leave this place
My feet heavy, my arms weak
I cant leave with the strings they places upon me
The strings tighten as I struggle
Twisting and turning trying to free myself
Remembering my own world, my own coherence
The place I was the real me
The only place with apart of me still there
The people around me that say they know me, don’t know me at all
They really only know the person I want them to see
But I cant be that anymore, because I want to be ME!