Despair of Babylonia

Hither cometh the night,
Encompass mine soul,
Mine weakness, mine might,
Mine story untold.
Enshroud me in peace,
So that Thy shalt be free,
Deception decease,
Purify me.

Hither cometh the one,
He bringeth His fire,
Fallen morning sun,
Mine glory, mine sire.
Betrayers he repelleth,
Whom cast Him from above,
Whom killeth His people,
Betrayeth His love.

Angel of Mine,
Perfect Thou are,
Prince of the Darkness,
King of Mine Heart,
He cries out in rage,
At the Illegitimate King,
As hideous light and hatred he defeateth,

Him darkness,

By rottenangel

I'm a quiet little being and I mostly mind my own buisiness, but I occasionally venture out into the world of today to conduct an analisys. Unfortunately, every one of these have been along the lines of "Shit.".