back to reality
stop defying gravity
i swear she wont try again
to fight this depravity

beat her up for good
as long as they could
with every rising cane
i cried in horror and pain

i watched in shock
torture her to thr last drop
of blood that flowed
out of her wounds they chose
to represent their articulations
or morbid creations
in lieu of defiance
against doctrine of their science

back to reality
stop defying gravity
i beg she wont try again
to fight this depravity

bled her up for good
as long as they could
with every rising cub
and red hot iron stubs
they poke in her wounds
to gouge out what they could
her wounds that were festered
lesions in clusters
scooped them out of their places
leaving empty spaces

still beating her corpse
i could do nothing to stop
this inhuman brutality
of bringing her back to reality

the wait was over as
it ended all too soon
i held her broken hand
raised it up and kissed
she smiled with a tear
in her eye,
and my heart could no longer
see her cry
i wiped the tear off her eyes
dusted my wings n prepared to fly
to take her away from reality
to exist beyond gravity…

By Xeon

i am a little off track,dont even try messin w/ me!If u kno me then u better pray tht u get rid of me soon.cross my ways or end in sum kinda terms w/ me,then u r soooooo s..crewed buddy! i have a mental debate w/ my life n i am not in good terms with my body too.i am self destructive n can induce pain in others.i can not feel it cuz i go numb n i then i force myself to feel it!dont even think abt tryin to make me feel pain cuz u will regret it n not for once will i shy away from making u go thru it again n again n again..until u urself decide to take quietus. i was into psychotropic drugs n even the nearest dearest do not kno abt it! but i quit it-boredom,...i wud always end up sleepin!yup i hate parties n live a life of semi seclusion.n currently i am free,so try n hit on me!wait till u see me,wait till u live to see me that is!watch out i am 'an omen breeding in disguise......' fav buk-zen n the art of moto maintenence,fav artist is definitely ME!fav place-with u,i think asylum wud be kewl enuff!or maybe u n V can burn in my personal holloway.fav carlamborghini diablo!try n gift me,it'll cost u ur life! only 600,000us$! fav drink -my venomed b..l..o..o..d!wanna have it? i love to play with people's feelings n aspirations.i like people n shoo them away!! sumtimes cuz i mite hurt them.i also play the guitar,dont get high hopes i wudnt be there to play ur requiem.i also sketch 3d blasphemies in real life n 2d on t-shirts, mom thinks tht i am a little ,....u kno wht i mean rite! i like hangin out with nobody! n love listenin to music in the dark with lites off n my music taste is very much like urs! death n black metal, grunge n punk rock,.alternative wud also do the trick,......but when the times i am not feelin well i also listen to pop, soft linkin park,,disturbed,pantera n megadeth cuz i wanna sleep @ tht point of time! n mind it DOORS RULZ!n NIRVANA HAUNTS! get it! i also like makin n meetin new people,.cus i always like startin fresh! "If u love sth. then let it go,...if it is true it'll come back,.....n if it didnt ,it Never was......." "The horror no less than the charm of real life consists in the recurrent actualisation of the inconceivable" If the doors of perception were cleansed,everything would appear to man as it is,Infinte..." "Death,Pain & Love are nothon but a figment of our own imagination......what is death but a vision of our own mortality...what is pain but a vision of own weakness...what is love but a blurred perspective to our own insecurity..." "V all want V are strong,...the more U hold Us down ...the more V press on..."