Diary Entry..

31 December 2002
Well, its new years eve, how i despise it, mostly for one reason, everyone forgets about me, As every new years I am left alone, even my girlfriend doesnt want me around.

She didn’t even fucking call me. Shows how pathetic i am. I hate my life, every day i learn to stop trusting people bit by bit. In the past week only one good thing has happened, i went to see two towers with jess. but since then even her i start to not trust. She doesn’t want to have me around anymore. At one time i actually started to love her, but now its slowly drifting into nothingness again. I hate people, i despise the entire human race, If you try to trust them they will always backstab you to save there own hides. I can’t stop thinking about her though…Jess…i don’t want to love her, I DON’T LOVE HER..I hate this feeling, Everyday I wish that i won’t wake up, I wish that i dint have to go through my life everyday, I don’t want my life, I want to be someone else, anyone but me, I hate feelings..I want to die…but i can’t. I don’t want to be forgoten, I hate my life…