Diary of a high school steriotype (pt. 2)

April 7, 2003
Cassie *the desensitized punk*


Fuck dude, I can’t deal with this anymore! AHH!! I swear to myself that I WILL end this school with a 4.0 in damage…the fucked system deserves it. Julez, skunk, and I are going to a CKY concert this saturday, Julez is hoping to find a guy, heh. Ironically she broke up with her last dude at a concert, guess it’s just her place. I got kicked out of my lit. class today ’cause I was too distracting, hah. Guess what I did? I was “being innaproporiate to the boys in my class and vulgar to the girls” You’d think after the 60’s and 70’s people would be used to open sexuality, oh well, we still got the rednecks with there head’s stuck up their asses. Speaking of asses, that surfer dude, what’s his name…Shane, yeah, Connor. He kept on staring at me…though he has a lot in the looks department not much for brains…hmm…well i have things to do…later…

…dust to dust…


April 7, 2003
Shane *the “knarly” surfer/skater*


I had such a rad day today! The waves were wicked and the babes were rockin’. But what was a total bummer was this one hott chick didn’t even notice me. She was one of those alternative babes, ya know, the bad girls. She walked right by me…and this scene she made in lit. was killer…she just doesn’t give a shit about anything, it’s such a turn-on…i gotta keep trying…I see something about her….well…I’m gunna go skating with a few buds now…

hang ten :-p

I think i might start making a story out of this, what do you think….?

share some love *hate*…give some comments..

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