Did you notice?

I cut my arms again today,
It bled alot,
Did you notice,
The blood In the sink?

I burned myself again today,
Several times,
Did you notice,
The blisters?

I cried again today,
Because you don’t love me,
Did you notice,
My puffy eyes and red face?

You screamed at me again today,
Though I really tried to please you,
Did you notice,
The pain in my eyes.

You frightened me again today,
Your screaming tortures my soul,
Did you notice,
My tears and trembling?

I’ll try to kill myself again today,
I know it’s what you wanted,
Did you notice,
My last goodbye?

By Deziree Du Nui

I am 14. I am a Freshman. I have been writing Gothique Literature since age 8. I have been acting since age 4. I have been singing since 3 and playing clarinet since 10. I hope all will enjoy my work and not mind my terribly done BIO.