I get stares, wherever I go, people’s eyes just seem to fasten onto me. I mean, I live in New York, and even god damned crackwhores and tatooed ravers don’t get looked at like me. Why? Actually, I doubt you’ll believe it, But I’m an albino.

That, dear kiddies, is the reason I’m on this computer right now. Because the sun always seems to be bright and beautiful, my sunglasses broke, and it hurts my eyes like hell just to look out the window. So i just sit here and pound keys, except when I have school.

And there, the teachers even resent me because they have to pull the blinds when I’m in class, and the fucking little snobs hate me because I’m allowed to wear shades in school (when they aint broken, that is). Basically, I have no friends, except my moniter.

Even my own family, distant cousins I’d never met, look at me in that air-brained jackass way, and I have alot of cousins, since both my mom and dad are mostly greek. Which means that they have olive skin and dark hair and basically I look like a snow drift on asfault in family pictures. And ya know when photos get that annoying red eye. Imagine looking like that every day.

My hair is frizzy, my And give me a few wrinkles and I’d look like some cadaver of a white-haired lady. I just want color, you know, to have skin thats any degree more tanned than a cloud, or maybe blonde hair even. All in all, it sucks. Hell, I don’t even know why I’m typing this damned rant right now anyway. But I did, it’s over, and i don’t see why not to send it. So have a niiiice day.

By Bloodbathed Abandonment

If you are reading this, you officially have no life. -.-