I’m Diffrent. I’m not like you. I hate all off you. All you mother fuckers So pround of your innocince. I’m Forever liveing, Forever Suffering. Wanting to leave. But no way out.

I’m diffrent. I think Diffrent. I Hear things diffrent. I hear things For what they mean And How they Are told. I Gues Diffrent minds Think a like when it’s time to Run. When it’s Time to kill. thats because were Children on the night.

I remeber yesterday. Blood was shed, lives where Taken. Homes Where DEstroyed. I don’t remeber My past. only bad memories. the ones that won’t Go away. they burn in my head. And Burn my eyes.

I’m diffrent. I’m not like you. I can see things You Don’t See. I see the Demons that take lives. I’m not Normal. I’ve Been REjecTed By thw Whole World. Nothing is close to being the SamE As Me. the blood in my Veins Are Crused. I live in the Land of killers. I’m diffrent. I come from the Dark side. I’m a Solider, I’m a weapon.

THe Darkside is a War land. Where You Constantly being attacked. So you Fight for your life. My life had lost it’s meaning. Don’t Beleive What You’ve herd and seen. Cuz once you meet me, Your whole life changes.

I won’t Die. I don’t know why. I’ve been hit N beat, Broken and Hurt So badly. I’ve learned my lesson’s when I was young. I just want the whole wolrd to know, I did Not start this. But I will Finsh it. Myt Mother Should of Killed me AS a baby. You should just Nail me in a Coffin.

Friends….. FRiends Aren’t FRiends… there Your enemys in Secret Identies. What is life? I’m tired of life. I’m sick of back stabbing Friends. I’m sick of Being Lied to. I’m sick of being used. I’m Sick of fighting, I’m sick of breathing. I’m sick of you and the world. I’m sick of Everything. I’m Sick of the Street life. I’ve seen Better Days. In the End I’ll Be THe Last one Breathing. All the ones that have been Deer to me, have gone away, SDo I SAy, God Bless the DEad.