it’s jus before dinner that i decided to pen this. somhow, i may feel better before eating. unlike usual. been thinking.
why’s the world seem so bleak, so unforgiving, so treacherous?

we live to die, love to cry, do things to regret.
i’ve always thought, ” assumption is the mother of all fucked_tubs” or is it dat i.. i.. erm… just a plain LOSER?
People get judged. All the time. from the passing of the cradle, to the schednfredue-feeling grave. Sad. Am i just plain softie, or SNAG? (sensitive new age guy_)
mom judged me, dad too, sis … even my loved one too.
sometimes, i just hope, i’m the mud on the roadside, washed away, no worries, no pain, slithering, formless……

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  1. indeed, no more judgement, that is how you can rise above the shadows. become greater than justice. justice fails a failing race. but mercy and forgiveness undeserved give life. and when one judges the only thing it can judge is itself, since it sees everything through its own heart.

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