Yes, it’s true. Let that sink in for a moment. Really ruminate on it, on what it means, or could potentially mean. Allow me to submit a few scenarios: The Predator versus the Avengers. (Disney owns Marvel Comics, too, remember.) Or how about this one: the Aliens make an appearance in a STAR WARS movie. (Yep, Disney owns STAR WARS.) It could happen, people. Perhaps inevitably, it WILL happen. Anything that could potentially make the studio money is going to be tried at some point, and those scenarios, whether they ultimately succeed or fail, will make money.

Picture a lone Jedi, lightsaber in hand, facing down a horde of angry Aliens. The lightsaber would make short work of them, but what about all that spewing acidic blood? I don’t like the Jedi’s chances. Wolverine would have a better chance, what with his healing factor. But imagine if a Predator turned to the Dark Side and became a Sith Lord? And how would the Guardians of the Galaxy cope with such a threat? These scenarios aren’t that outlandish. Not anymore. Not now that the Supremacy of the Mouse is upon us.

What mash-ups would you most like to see?